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Our mission is simple - leverage the power of technology including AI and AR to help our customers get fast, reliable recommendations across a wide variety of makeup products that will help make beauty retail easier.

How It Works

Using computer vision and recommender system AI models, roboMUA identifies the shade of user image uploads and recommends foundations, skin tints and concealers from various makeup brands with YouTube tutorials, Instagram AR filters and direct links to recommended products.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Navigating the complex world of beauty retail is a data problem that innovative technologies like AI & AR can help solve.

Everyday Girl Cosmetics

CEO & Founder

I am really happy to have teamed up with Emmanuel and RoboMUA with my company Everyday Girl Cosmetics. Before working with them it was very difficult for my customers to purchase my concealer items because they did not know if it would match their skin tone or not. RoboMUA makes it very easy for someone to find thier perfect shade of products in two simple steps. I highly recommend using this technology for any beauty / cosmetic brand, your customers would thank you and it will make it so much easier on you as a business owner when adding new products that requires shade matching.

Yaa O.


roboMUA helped me pick my skin tint. I uploaded my picture and it recommended NARS for me. I was so excited because the way the product blended on my skin was crazy, you couldn't even tell I was wearing makeup.



Not only did you find the perfect skin tint for me you also recommended me one of the foundations that I used the most. That's so cool and I really think the AI you're working with is really... Well it's innovative to me! Really really cool stuff and you could be changing the way we consume, and buy, and research makeup ccompletely That's so very exciting! Congratulations!



Great platform. Keep fine tuning it. More beauty industry is going jump onto your platform. Please add bronzer colors, blush color and lipstick colors that are suitable for people of color.

Featured Beauty Brands & Affiliate Partners

Our algorithms currently recommends products for a wide variety of beauty brands and We are currently in a wide variety of affiliate programs as well.