About Us

Navigating the complex world of beauty retail is a data problem that innovative technologies like AI & AR can help solve.

Making beauty retail accessible - that's what we do!

roboMUA (robo-make up artist) seeks to digitize the current beauty retail of users by leveraging the intersection of beauty and innovative technology to provide inclusive and efficient experience for ALL skin shades.

Our Mission is simple: leverage the power of technology including AI and AR to help our customers get fast, reliable recommendations across a wide variety of makeup products that will help make beauty retail easier.

To do this, we leverage computer vision and recommender system AI models, trained on 50 different skin shades to ensure that every skin tone can find the right products.

Our Algorithms are not limited only to makeup, they can also be leveraged for other complexion products like shapewear, nude fashion, et al.

Retail Beauty

Making Beauty Retail Easy With AI That:

Recommends Makeup Foundations

Using computer vision AI models, roboMUA identifies the shade of user image uploads and recommends foundations from various makeup brands with YouTube tutorials, Instagram AR filters and direct links to recommended products.

Recommends Makeup Concealers

roboMUA uses computer vision AI models to recommend concealers based on the skin tone of users.

Recommends Eye Shadow Palettes

roboMUA uses recommender systems to find great eye-shadow palettes for our users based on a simple quiz they answer.