The Mission

What Drives Us

Our cutting-edge Algorithms are designed with inclusion in mind. We believe everyone deserves to be seen, as they wish to be seen. At our core, we are motivated to create powerful, quality beauty tech through algorithms for all, especially those underrepresented in the beauty industry.

Wide Range of Beauty Brands

We have worked hard to ensure that different beauty brands, price points, and black owned brands are included in our algorithms.

Beauty x AI

We believe there's a huge untapped opportunity at the intersection beauty and tech, particularly AI and we're excited to be a part of this space.


Currently, we don't store users' image data. Once your recommendation is complete, your image is immediately deleted from all our servers.

Uploaded images globally across over 50 countries.

Beauty Brands featured in our algorithms and counting

Affiliate Partners on our platform

B2B Partners leveraging our algorithms