1 a makeup roboadvisor (AI platform). current version uses computer vision to matchfoundations, skin tints, concealers & eye shadows for 50 shades.
// I tried roboMUA and got matched with Fenty Beauty's 498 shade.

2 an AI startup leveraging multiple machine learning  to make the beauty  innovative & inclusive.
// She is excited for roboMUA's next iteration for concealer and eye shadow palette recommendation.

Making Beauty Retail Easy with AI that:

Recommends Makeup Foundations

Using computer vision AI models, roboMUA identifies the shade of user image uploads and recommends foundations from various makeup brands with YouTube tutorials, Instagram AR filters and direct links to recommended products.

Recommends Makeup Concealers

roboMUA uses computer vision AI models to recommend concealers based on the skin tone of users.

Recommends Eye Shadow Palettes

roboMUA uses recommender systems to find great eye-shadow palettes for our users based on a simple quiz they answer.